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Science is for girls.

As scientists and moms, we know that every girl is a scientist at heart. But sadly, that’s not the message that many girls hear. Cultural stereotypes send the message that science is not for them – it’s for boys. This is reinforced in the toy aisle, where chemistry and physics kits are marketed to boys, and pseudoscience “spa” kits are marketed to girls.

Confidence matters.

In 4th grade, most girls say they like science. But by 8th grade, the numbers drop dramatically as girls lose confidence in their ability to do science. This trend continues beyond school. Although women make up 48% of the total workforce, they make up only 24% of science jobs.

Women in the workforce

All jobs
Science jobs

 We want to hook girls on science early.

At Yellow Scope, we want to build girls’ confidence in science, before they fall off the curve. Research shows that girls learn best when they can approach projects in a creative and open-ended way. That’s why we designed our kits to engage both the scientific and creative minds of girls. The experiments are rigorous and there’s plenty of room for girls to draw their observations and doodle their ideas in their very own lab notebook.   

Change the message. Change her world. 

We did it! Our Kickstarter project funded. Check it out.

But it’s not too late to pre-order a kit. Just shoot us an email at

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